Once upon a time, Petit Noir

Do you know this? In France, a "petit noir" is the traditional and popular name for an espresso at the counter.

Petit Noir was born from a vision: to offer you the best coffee in the world, at home. As with wine, there is coffee and there is coffee. Between industrial coffee made from average quality beans that are burned rather than roasted, to hide their imperfections, and the coffee we offer, made from small farms, worked with love and then roasted by artisan roasters, there is a world of difference.

But that's not all. To offer you the best coffee, we must also offer you its freshness of roasting. And that's not always the case with all independent roasters.

All orders are roasted-to-order and packaged by hand, with the utmost respect for the rules of hygiene. Our value comes from our ability to provide the freshest coffee available on the internet. Coffee is shipped the same day it is roasted for whole bean coffee and shipped the day after roasting for ground coffee.

For this reason, coffee orders take 1-5 business days before we are ready to ship. Once shipped, they may take an additional 1-5 business days, depending on your location, via standard USPS shipping. All orders come with tracking information that we update with your order.

The creators of Petit Noir coffee are Apple Sukkeerod and Jean Ricard.
Apple takes care of the administrative and financial part.
Born in Thailand in 1977, Apple first worked in a large electronics company as an executive assistant and then started her own garden center business. Fan of latte and old coffee grinders.
Born in 1968, Jean is a coffee addict. He started drinking coffee from a cup at the age of four. After graduating from hotel school as a waiter and pastry chef, Jean worked for six months in Manhattan. Then he founded a communication agency which he left in 2007 to become a communication manager and then an entrepreneur.
In love with his Thai wife and Thailand, he discovered coffee shops thanks to Apple, which made him want to create his own coffee company.

They met around a coffee.
Thus was born Petit Noir.

Apple is an accountant graduated from Techno Phon High School - Thailand
Jean Ricard is a graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière Lesdiguières - Grenoble - France