Hand-made Pour-over for High-temperature

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Petit Noir selects very high-quality material for a reasonable price. This way you will get all the flavors of an exceptional coffee. For this High-temperature Hand-made drip coffee machine Café Petit Noir we recommend our Cowboy blend and all original or flavored coffees.

You can also use our organic linen coffee filter. It will bring out all the delicate flavors of our coffees while preserving your health and the planet.

This High-temperature Hand-made pour-over Café Petit Noir is delivered with a permanent stainless steel filter.

Born in the United States and now a specialty in various North American cities, a High-temperature Hand-made pour-over machine is a variation of the traditional American filter coffee. 
Pour Over coffee is characterized by the insertion of freshly ground beans into a filter and placed inside a pierced cone.

Once the coffee is equalized, boiling water is added very gradually. Then we wait for the coffee to flow through the filter, drop by drop, to end up in the cup of those who will drink this drink. Depending on the size of the filter, the procedure will have to be repeated a number of times. This coffee requires a longer preparation time than the common espresso and this is what makes it the ideal choice for those who have a little time to devote to a drink that is out of the ordinary.


Invented in the early 40's, this pour-over maker is ideal for this preparation.

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Packing specification: single
Color: 800 ml coffee pot, 800 ml coffee pot with strainer, strainer
Coffee maker type: coffee filter

Size: 13 * 21.8cm









Stainless steel lifetime filter details

Unit type: piece       Delivery weight of the Drip coffee machine : 0.7kg